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November 2017
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Tom Tancredo calls for Troops on the Border

Tom Tancredo has just released a new video discussing the current state of our borders, the killing of Rob Krentz, calling for Janet Napolitano to resign and for National Guard and troops along our border.

Tancredo’s argument of troops along our border may sound ridiculous to some, but his proposal is actually quite logical. He is calling for killing two birds with one stone. Not just troops along our border, but to use our border as a training ground for our military. That way the border would be secure and our troops would get experience working in terrain that is very similar in nature to what they would face in our current combat zones overseas.

As for Napolitano, everyone knows she is incompetent. I mean come on she was governor of Arizona where tons of illegal aliens swarmed into her state, made Phoenix the Kidnap Capital of the Country and allowed her citiznes to be beaten robbed and killed – all under her watch. She did such a good job at putting America at risk that the Obama Administration decided she should put in charge of security for the entire nation.

This is all outrageous and in the video below Tancredo is the most common sense voice on the issue of border security and the anger that most in the nation have to the killing of a good man on his own property that has been in his family for generations.

via Diggers Realm