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January 2018
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DREAM Act Must Be Stopped

The closer you look at the DREAM Act the more it becomes clear that the intention of this legislative betrayal is not simply a “Down payment” on the amnesty that the administration and the other usual suspects such as Schumer, Pelosi and Reid would have you believe it is, but would, in fact, come to encompass a vast proportion of the illegal alien population present in our country today!

If you have a hard time believing this, please read my entire commentary and then, I urge you forward my commentary to as many of your friends as possible.

But reading my commentary is not enough!

I urge you to call your senators first thing Monday morning! I urge you to call as many other senators as possible and let them all know that the DREAM Act would create a nightmare for our nation that we will never awaken from!

The clear purpose of the DREAM Act is to provide lawful status to millions of illegal aliens by deceiving the citizens of our nation through a cleverly designed campaign to mask the intention of the proposal and to also see in the empathy and compassion of the citizens of our nation a weakness that can be exploited.

The very name of the proposed legislation “DREAM Act” was clearly carefully selected to conjure up the image of the “American Dream” that has served as a beacon for immigrants from around the world and also served as an inspiration for countless American parents who, in watching their children sleeping in the cribs an beds at night who dared to dream about the greatness their children might attain in their lifetimes!

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