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Pay Your Taxes, up to 20 million Illegal Aliens and their “Anchor Babies” are depending on you.

Did you know over 200 million plus dollars go to illegal aliens here in Tennessee?

Did you know over 15 million dollars has gone to illegal aliens for healthcare, including TennCare, while American citizens here in TN were denied access according to Immigration Hearings held in Brentwood, TN under Marsha Blackburn.

Did you know that the gang MS 13, the most dangerous gang in America according to the FBI, operates here in this area and resulted in the “burned body murder” in Polk County? This gang and other gangs follow the paths of illegal aliens.

Did you know that local city and county law enforcement say that illegal immigration is a federal issue, yet Sheriff Daron Hall in Nashville has signed a MOU with Dept. of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs through the 287 (g)? This gov’t program allows state and LOCAL law enforcement to detain, investigate and clear our jails of illegal aliens that should be deported.

Our City and County officials need to tell ALL businesses to use the BASIC PILOT or SAVE program to check ALL social security numbers through this FREE database.

Did you know that in 2001, our state legislature allowed illegal aliens to receive drivers licenses without social security numbers? Did you know that in 2004 illegal aliens received drivers certificates, again without social security numbers and yet the privilege to drive? They are here illegally.

Did you know that millions of Americans are the victims of identity theft from illegal aliens and you may never know? Check your credit report, your children’s credit and see if your social security number is being used. Your income level may be changed, a credit card may be opened, a mortgage may be taken in your name, vehicles purchased, or criminal activities undertaken and you may not know till the IRS, a credit check or law enforcement notifies you of some change. The Social Security administration will not tell you if someone is using your social security number.

Did you know that the paramilitary group “Zetas” operate here in Tennessee to protect drug cartels? Law Enforcement are targets of this group and anyone else in their way.

Did you know that the Bank of America is offering credit cards to illegal aliens? Other banks here are allowing illegal aliens to have mortgages and checking accounts and send their money FREE back to their home countries. Ask your bank (BB&T for one) if they accept a foreign identity such as the MATRICULA CONSULAR card for customers (the FBI says this identity provided by foreign govts is not SECURE). Choose a bank that does not.

Did you know that Tennessee spends millions on ESL, ELL, LEP (English as a second Language), teachers, textbooks, interpreters etc. on illegal aliens and their children, while American citizens and Tennesseans remain at the bottom of the educational ladder?

Did you know that you pay for Illegal Aliens to receive FREE healthcare, FREE education, FREE breakfast and lunch,food stamps, Sec. 8 housing, incarceration, interpreters, attorneys, etc.?

Did you know that Cleveland is a magnet for illegal aliens and their criminal activities? They are taking jobs, increasing crime, overcrowding homes and apartments, balkanizing neighborhoods, affecting schools and your child’s education.

Tell our Mayors, City and County officials, local law enforcement, NO MORE and to implement the 287 (g) and the BASIC PILOT.

Call ICE and the FBI to report those who hire, rent to and further aid and abet illegal aliens.

Report Suspicious Activity: 423-553-1716 (Chattanooga)

1-866-DHS-2-ICE 1-866-347-2423

The following websites will help you to verify and gain knowledge of the power the citizens have and to counter the story that it’s a federal issue. It is a LOCAL issue now and there is plenty we can do.

Immigration, National and Border Security
We are a nation of laws and illegal immigrants and their employers are breaking the law. The Federal Government has ignored this issue until it is now at a crisis level. Illegal immigrants cost Tennessee taxpayers in excess of $200 million dollars per year, $15 million of which is spent on healthcare costs. These expenditures make illegal immigration a state issue. Illegal immigrants come to Tennessee for good jobs, not jobs that Tennesseans will not do, but jobs that Tennesseans will not do for less than a living wage. The most effective way to counter illegal immigration is not by stopping them at the border but by stopping their paycheck.

  • Tennessee must press the Federal Government to enforce existing laws.
  • Government must provide the tools necessary for employers to quickly and accurately verify a worker’s immigration status. Presently this information is not readily available.
  • Employers must be held accountable under existing laws if they hire illegal immigrants.


Comment from Cindy Doss
Time: July 6, 2008, 4:34 pm

I just wanted to say thank you for this webstie, very informative. Also would like to know when we as American Citizens are going to take action and march to Washington or where ever needed to take a stand against these illegals. I want them out, I want them gone. They are destoying our country. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, I am a proud American Citizen and I want all illegal aliens gone.